The Korea Professional Golf Tour (KGT), which hosts the KPGA (Korea Professional Golf Association) Korean Tour, Srixon Tour, and Champions Tour, announced on the 3rd that it will hold an open bidding to select a broadcasting rights operator. 바카라사이트

In the meantime, JTBC was in charge of the Korean tour relay broadcasting from 2010 to 2022. The five-year contract with JTBC Golf, which was renewed in 2018, expired last year. For the past three months, KGT has been negotiating with JTBC Golf, which has the right to negotiate first, over contract renewal, but it has collapsed because it could not narrow the difference of opinion.

Accordingly, KGT set out to select a new domestic TV broadcaster with certain qualifications. The selected broadcaster, as the KGT host broadcaster, will have the right to broadcast all competitions and events hosted and supervised by KPGA and the Korea Professional Golf Tour.

A KGT official said, “The bidding for the selection of broadcasting rights operators will be conducted through a limited competitive bidding method, and the policy will be to determine broadcasting rights operators through fair and reasonable screening methods and standards.”

KGT will soon release details and schedules regarding the bidding for broadcasting right operators through the KPGA official website.

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