Correspondent Cho Yong-un = Coach Shin Tae-yong, who transformed Indonesian soccer, is now challenging Vietnam, the strongest player in Southeast Asia.

The 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Championship (Mitsubishi Electric Cup) is the most prestigious soccer tournament in Southeast Asia. Starting this year, the name changed as the sponsor changed from Suzuki to Mitsubishi, but the heat of the soccer war for the best title in Southeast Asia is still hot.

Korean leaders are leading the growth of Southeast Asian football in this tournament. From coach Park Hang-seo, who led Vietnam to the best in Southeast Asia in a short period of time, to Indonesian coach Shin Tae-yong, who is trying to clear up the disappointment of runner-up in the last tournament with a championship, to Malaysian coach Kim Pan-gon, who succeeded in advancing to the semifinals of the Mitsubishi Cup despite taking the helm this year. Korean leaders are writing a success story.

Ironically, in order to stand at the top, you have to defeat the Korean commander from now on. Starting with the confrontation between Indonesia and Vietnam that opens the semi-finals on the 6th, head coach Shin Tae-yong and head coach Park Hang-seo fight over pride. 스포츠토토

The challenger position is probably Indonesia’s coach Shin Tae-yong. He led the Indonesia national team A and the U-23 national team and met coach Park Hang-seo three times, but failed to win all of them. In the last Suzuki Cup, which lost 0-4 in the second qualifying round for the World Cup in June 2021 and reached runner-up, it was only a draw against Vietnam. And in the Southeast Asian Games last year as a U-23 team, they lost 0-3.

In the meantime, Vietnam has shown off a strong aspect befitting the dynasty built by coach Park Hang-seo. Director Shin Tae-yong developed Indonesia rapidly, but was always blocked by the wall of Vietnam. This time, he is full of confidence. Head coach Shin Tae-yong showed confidence before the game, “It takes time to get to the top. It’s time for us to play a good match against Vietnam. There is no problem.”

As director Shin Tae-yong took over and some time passed, Indonesia also entered a stable state of power. It is evaluated that it can threaten Vietnam by establishing a good air-defense balance of 12 points and 3 goals in 4 group stage matches.

Coach Shin Tae-yong also said, “When I first came to Indonesia, there were many problems, such as the league being suspended several times due to a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).” I will make it impossible,” he revealed his claws.

Coach Park Hang-seo, who has to keep the upper hand, also emphasized, “I am mentally and physically ready to face Indonesia.”

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