Tottenham Hotspur is aiming for a new left-footed center back, Piero Incapie.

Tottenham’s winter transfer market was busy at the last minute. At the beginning of the transfer market, there was little sign of recruitment, but on the 25th (Korean time), he succeeded in recruiting Arnaud Danjuma, who he thought was going to Everton, by hijacking.

Recently, the recruitment of Pedro Poro is also ahead. Poro, the right wingback of Sporting CP, is currently being discussed as a replacement for the sluggish Emerson Royal and Matt Doherty, and it is said that a verbal agreement has been reached and an official agreement is about to be made.

Now Tottenham are facing a third signing. The target is centre-back Piero Incapie. Born in 2002, the Ecuadorian centre-back moved to Leverkusen last season and, despite his first season, played 27 games and quickly became a regular starter. Despite his young age, he is evaluated for his left-footed build-up ability and good anti-personnel defense. This season, he has been playing as a main player by participating in 16 Bundesliga matches, and also played an active part in the Ecuador national team during the Qatar World Cup.

Incapie’s contract expires in 2026. However, Leverkusen are considering a quick sale of Incapie if a suitable offer comes in due to the club’s poor financials. It is said that Incapie himself also harbors a longing for a transfer.

It is expected to solve Tottenham’s recent defensive problems. Tottenham has been steadily using the back 3 since Antonio Conte took over last season. Among them, left-footed stoppers absolutely prefer left-footed center backs. Previously, Ben Davis was used, but last summer, he brought Clement Langle to the transfer market and is using the left-footed center back. 먹튀검증

However, both players are not performing as well as expected. Davis has a lot of mistakes in kicks, and Langle is good at his feet, but his interpersonal defense ability is disappointing. Accordingly, INCAPIE is emerging as a new alternative.

Tottenham have already made a verbal offer. German media ‘Bild’ said on the 29th, “Tottenham Hotspur made a verbal offer of 25 million euros (approximately 33.3 billion won) to Bayer Leverkusen for left center back Piero Incapi.” “Leverkusen did not accept Tottenham’s initial offer. It will not,” he added, implying that the negotiations would proceed further.

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