‘This isn’t it…’ Lee Eui-ri, who smiled with a sigh of relief at the moment the bases were loaded, came down from the mound with a firm face as she was shaken by the rapid hunting of the ball.

Eui-ri Lee, an attractive left-handed pitcher who throws a 150km fastball. Even a pitcher with good pitches cannot beat batters without pitching. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, who lost 1-4 in the home opener the day before, put Lee Eui-ri on the mound to avenge the defeat.

Eui-ri Lee recorded his first win of the season with 3 hits, 3 strikeouts, 6 walks, 3 runs and 1 earned in 5 innings against SSG on the 2nd, which was the previous appearance. There were a lot of walks, but it was the result of beating the SSG hitters with a strong pitch.토토사이트

The KIA Tigers returned home. On the mound against the Doosan Bears at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 8th, Eui-ri Lee collapsed on his own as he pitched between heaven and hell. On this day, Eui-ri Lee’s highest fastball speed was 150 km. At the beginning of the game, he threatened the Doosan hitters with a powerful pitch.

But the problem was the jeju. Strikeouts or walks (5 strikeouts, 5 walks), strike-to-walk ratio 1:1 (39 strikes and 38 balls out of 77 total pitches). Upon closer inspection, the pitching was not good.

Lee Eui-ri, the starter for the KIA, made a tripartite inning between Doosan Lee Yu-chan (strikeout), Heo Gyeong-min (center fielder fly ball), and Kang Seung-ho (strikeout). Driven by momentum, in the 2nd inning, Kim Jae-hwan (catcher strike knockout) and Yang Eui-ji (shortstop line drive out) were 2 out. Although he gave up a double to Yang Seok-hwan, he struck out the follow-up hitter Song Seung-hwan and continued the good flow at the beginning of the game.

The problem started with the 3rd. After the first out, Su-bin Jung, Yoo-chan Lee, and Gyeong-min Heo gave 3 consecutive hits to walk, causing a crisis with a full base. Eui-ri Lee, who had been laughing while hitting the body of catcher Hyo-sang Joo, who came to the mound to encourage the pitcher in danger, turned Kang Seung-ho (third base grounder) and Kim Jae-hwan (strikeout) to stand up and clenched his fists. Lee Eui-ri, who came down from the mound, let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

Eui-ri Lee, who seemed to be regaining a sense of stability, struggled with the 4th inning as well. After giving consecutive walks to Yang Eui-ji and Yang Seok-hwan, Song Seung-hwan allowed a timely hit. With the 2-1, 1-point gap, pitching coach Jung Myeong-won eventually reached the mound with the ball and patted Lee Eui-ri on the shoulder to encourage him.

The moment Lee Eui-ri came down the mound without raising an out count in the 4th inning, Lee Eui-ri had a firm expression. On this day, Eui-ri Lee recorded 2 hits, 5 walks and 2 runs in 3 innings.

KIA won a dramatic victory with a final hit by Ko Jong-wook, who entered the plate with a pinch hit in the ninth inning with a run and a bases loaded chance. Eui-ri Lee could not smile widely among the delighted players.

Lee Eui-ri must have felt more than anyone else through pitching that day that no matter how powerful a pitcher is, if his pitches are shaken, he will not be able to lead them to the 5th inning.

The future Eui-ri Lee, who will lead the KIA Tigers mound in his third year as a pro, is growing step by step amidst the pain of failure.

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