Hyundai E&C Lee Da-hyun won the Ceremony Award for the second year in a row.

Lee Da-hyun participated as a Z-star in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game held at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium on the 29th. In the middle blocker category, she received 62,544 votes, making her Z-Star All-Star fan voted female number one.

From the Dodram 2021-2022 V-League All-Star Game, which was her first All-Star, she showed a hot ceremony and won the Ceremony Award. Even before this All-Star Game was held, through federation SNS, “I am confident in playing. We have prepared a lot, so please look forward to it”, making many people look forward to it.

From the moment she appeared, she announced the start by performing dance moves. During the first and second sets of the women’s game, the court was turned into a stage. When Lee Da-hyun scored her first fast break, she performed a ceremony along with GS Caltex’s Minji Kwon to HOT’s candy song. She even prepared fur gloves, so you could see how serious she was.

Throughout the match, she performed various ceremonies, drawing applause from many. Lee Da-hyun won the ceremony award for her second year in a row, receiving 14 out of 31 votes from the reporters.

Lee Da-hyun said, “This time, we prepared a lot together rather than being greedy. She did not know that she would receive it because she wanted to have fun together, but it is an honor to receive it again,” she said in her acceptance speech. 온라인카지노

She actually raised the excitement of the All-Star Game by holding a ceremony with not only GS Caltex Kwon Min-ji, but also her teammate Kim Da-in of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, and all Z-Star players. Lee Da-hyun said, “There was no ceremony rival. She was good at Minji, and as much as (Kang) Sohui was good at it, she was good at various players,” she said.

Among the many ceremonies, Lee Da-hyun said that she was most satisfied with the recently popular social media dance. “There is something dancing to a Vietnamese song. I was going to take this as a trademark, but it was fun.”

After dancing, Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Yeon-kyung danced along on the opponent’s M-Star court and gave a laugh. Kim Yeon-kyung said, “When Da-hyun danced, she kept dancing with the coolest and coolest expression in the world. I hated her so I followed her (laughs). When she asked Dahyun directly, she said that you can dance well only when you raise your self-esteem. But she was fun,” she said.

He said he would share the use of prize money with his teammates. The play is over now. Lee Da-hyun, who is entering the 5th round of the regular league, also made up her mind to work seriously.

He said, “It is not an easy situation in the absence of foreign players, but I think he is holding up well. The goal is to win. We will work together to prepare for the rest of the season. As long as we’re done playing, we’ll do it seriously.”

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