Lee Jae-seong (31, Mainz) flew well in the debut game of coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59). The spotlight turned to Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham), who scored multiple goals, but Lee Jae-sung quietly played his part and showed off his recent rise.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Klinsman, drew 2-2 with Columbia at 8:00 p.m. on the 24th at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium. Korea, which Son Heung-min scored two goals in the first half alone, gave up two goals in the early part of the second half. Klinsmann’s debut match ended in a draw.

Before the game, public attention turned to coach Klinsman’s best 11. What stood out was the start of Jung Woo-young (Freiburg) and the central placement of Son Heung-min. Lee Jae-seong, who can play all the way to the forefront of the second line, was placed on the right flank, which did not attract much attention. This is because Lee Jae-seong has displayed his skills anywhere.

Lee Jae-seong, who showed off his fierce momentum in his team Mainz, also played a big role against Colombia. If he played the role of a solver in Mainz recently, this day he helped his teammates, including Son Heung-min, fully demonstrate his attacking instincts. It was a match that reminded me of Park Ji-sung, who played for Manchester United in the past. 

Lee Jae-seong, who boasts a vigorous amount of activity every time, shined especially in the first half when Klins Man-ho raised the tempo. Where the ball went he was. He put pressure on the opponent with his tireless stamina and cut off the pulse of the attack at the right place. 

The defense scene in the 8th minute of the first half was the highlight. Colombia’s left striker Jorge Carrascal (PFC CSKA Moscow) crossed the center line and tried to dribble into the Korean side, and Kim Tae-hwan (Ulsan Hyundai), who blocked it, was defending back. At this time, Lee Jae-seong, who was in the front, was quite far away, but ran to Carrascal’s ball at once and pulled it out. In the 10th minute of the first half, Son Heung-min’s scoring scene also had a large share of Lee Jae-sung. Lee Jae-seong put intense pressure on opposing defender Johann Moika (Elche). Moika was momentarily embarrassed and made a pass mistake, and the ball was connected to Son Heung-min. 

When Korea attacked, they moved diligently as usual and received the ball and developed it. On this day, Colombia was strongly attached even before the ball went to the Korean players. Lee Jae-seong, who is good at pass-and-move and pressure, easily removed Colombia players from the check and provided quality passes to his teammates. 

In extra time in the first half, the free kick that Son Heung-min scored also began with the development of Lee Jae-sung. Lee Jae-seong, who received Kim Tae-hwan’s pass from the right flank below the center line, was momentarily surrounded by two Colombian players. However, he slipped away with a smooth dribble and accurately delivered the ball to Gi-je Lee (Suwon Samsung), who was overlapping on the other side. It was a scene where high-level depressurization and side conversion kicks stood out.

Lee Jae-seong’s performance was shown in figures. According to Sofa Score, a soccer statistics media, Lee Jae-seong, who ran the pitch for 68 minutes until he was replaced by Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul), correctly connected 18 of 21 passes to his teammate, recording a high success rate of 86%. The key pass connected by double shooting was a whopping 3 times. He also tried 3 dribbles and succeeded 2 times.

His defensive record is also outstanding. Lee Jae-seong won 7 out of 9 ground competitions. That means he jumped into a lot of contests and was smart. The interception and tackle were also successful twice each. As a result, Lee Jae-seong received the second highest rating of 7.4 in the team after Son Heung-min (8.8 points).

Lee Jae-seong, who was a key resource in the former coach Paulo Bento system, flew even in the game announcing the departure of Klinsman. Even under manager Klinsmann, he was more likely to take on an executive role.카지노사이트

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