The ratio of ‘third party usage fees’ at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul for professional baseball LG Twins and Doosan Bears has been raised with the new contract.

Currently, advertising contracts for Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul are carried out in the form of voluntary contracts with LG and Doosan every three years by the Seoul Sports Facility Management Office. The two clubs select a third-party advertising agency through open competitive bidding and pay commercial advertising fees to the city of Seoul based on the winning bid amount. 

Until last year, only 25% of the ‘third party usage fee’ went back to the two teams. For three years from 2020 to 2022, the city of Seoul received 50% of the annual appraisal amount and third party usage fee as advertisement fees for Jamsil Baseball Stadium, and the remaining 50% of the third party usage fee was divided by 25% between the two clubs. 

But this year, a new contract has changed. Starting this year, for three years, Seoul, LG, and Doosan will share 33% each. The two clubs can expect more advertising revenue than before.  메이저사이트

It has long been pointed out that the distribution of advertising revenue at Jamsil Baseball Stadium is imbalanced. It was pointed out that it was unfair for the Seoul Metropolitan Government to take a huge portion of advertising revenue when the club is the main body that mobilizes spectators and maximizes the advertising effect. In particular, it was pointed out that it is not fair with Gocheok Sky Dome, where Seoul only takes the appraisal amount without third party usage fees. 

In response, the KBO actively promoted change. KBO President Heo Gu-yeon, who had raised the issue before taking office, brought about change after actively consulting with the Seoul Metropolitan Government after taking office. 

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