Bayern Munich are looking at various options, including a cash-on-player deal to sign Napoli striker Victor Osimen. However, the difference between the two teams is huge.

Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported that Napoli set a ransom of 150 million euros (about 221 billion won) for Osimen. This is an amount that Bayern could never afford. It was confirmed that the basic requirements of both sides were too far apart even before full-scale negotiations began.

Bayern need to put in one of their strikers to cut the transfer fee. Bayern are considering making an offer for Sadio Mane, who has been known to be a loner in the squad lately. Mane transferred to Bayern this season and showed a performance that did not meet expectations, and recently caused controversy by striking teammate Leroy Saane. However, he is a player who has proven his world-class skills during his Liverpool days.

However, in the case of Mane, the problem is the salary rather than the transfer fee. Napoli cannot afford to pay Mane even if he cuts his salary to some extent. Most of Bayern’s strikers are stars who have already reached their peak. It is difficult to find an acceptable salary for Naples.토토사이트

Bayern is also linked with a cheaper player from the same Italian Serie A. Rasmus Höilun has been mentioned. Atalanta’s striker Höilun entered the big league for the first time this season and is showing decent scoring ability with 22 goals in 36 matches, including the cup competition. There is also a nickname ‘the second Elling Hollan’ in that he is a tall white striker of Northern European nationality, and it is an attractive nickname. However, Bayern is too weak to leave the front line right away.

Osimen is known to want a transfer. He, along with Kim Min-jae, is considered the star most likely to leave Naples this summer. Bayern Munich and Manchester United are mentioned as potential destination candidates. Both teams desperately need to reinforce their scorers after the departures of Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively.

Both teams often appear in rumors of Harry Kane signing from Tottenham Hotspur. The older of the two, but a team that wants a more proven player is likely to pick Kane, and a team that wants a younger and longer-lasting player is likely to pick Osimen.

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