Lotte announces apology after Seo Jun-won’s release

Pitcher Seo Jun-won (22) of the professional baseball Lotte Giants was handed over to trial on charges of taking and sending body pictures to minors.

The Busan District Prosecutors’ Office announced on the 23rd that it had indicted Seo Jun-won on charges of violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents’ Sexual Exploitation (production and distribution of sexual exploitation, etc.).

According to the prosecution, Seo Jun-won is accused of taking a body picture of a minor victim whom he learned online in August of last year and sending it to him.토토사이트

After receiving the case from the police without detention, the prosecution conducted a complementary investigation.

Subsequently, the prosecution requested an arrest warrant for Seo Jun-won on the 15th, but the court dismissed it on the grounds that there was no concern about escaping during the interrogation of the suspect before arrest (examination of the warrant).

An official from the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office said, “We will continue to strictly punish criminals of digital sex crimes against children and adolescents, and we will do our best to maintain prosecution so that a sentence corresponding to the crime is sentenced.”

The Lotte club released Seo Jun-won on the afternoon of the 23rd and reported the related information to the KBO.

Lotte said, “Seo Jun-won was investigated by the police for criminal acts targeting minors and has now been transferred to the prosecution. After confirmation, a disciplinary committee was held on the 23rd.” We will work hard to prevent a recurrence.”

The club immediately issued an apology.

Lotte said, “We sincerely apologize for the recent unfortunate incident caused by our player. It is absolutely unacceptable for a professional baseball player who is supported by many fans to commit illegal acts against minors.”

He bowed his head, saying, “This unsavory act, which occurred for teenagers who love professional baseball and dream of watching players, has hurt the hearts of many people.”

Lotte said, “We acknowledge the player’s negligence in management and apologize once again for causing social controversy.” did.

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