An interesting matchup took place on the FA Cup stage. ‘Teacher’ coach Pep Guardiola and ‘pupil’ coach Vincent Kompany clash.

Manchester City defeated Bristol City 3-1 in the 5th round (round of 16) of the 2022-23 season English FA Cup held at Ashton Gate in Bristol, England at 5 am (Korean time) on the 1st. Thanks to Phil Foden’s multi-goal and Kevin De Bruyne’s key goal, they sounded the score of victory.

The following day, Burnley beat Fleetwood 1-0 at Turf Moor in Burnley, England. Burnley had a numerical advantage at the end of the first half by sending off the opponent, but it was not easy to bear fruit. Right before the end of the game, Conor Roberts scored a theatrical goal like gold, and won the victory with difficulty.

After the FA Cup round of 16 was over, the draw for the 6th round (8th round) was held. Manchester United and Fulham, Brighton and Grimsby Town, Sheffield United and Blackburn Rovers, and Manchester City and Burnley will face each other. EPL Civil War Man Utd and Fulham, EFL Championship (Second League) Civil War Sheffield and Blackburn are also interesting, but the most notable are Man City and Burnley. Because Guardiola and Kompani are facing each other as enemies.

Coach Kompany made his mark by playing 360 games for Manchester City during his playing days. He also played 62 games under Guardiola. At the Etihad Stadium, there is a statue of coach Kompany who has devoted himself to the team for a long time. 안전놀이터

After retiring, Kompany began his coaching career with Anderlecht, Belgium. He returned to England when he joined Burnley after they were relegated last summer. Currently, Burnley is aiming for promotion as an overwhelming player in the league under coach Kompany. In the midst of this, the confrontation between master and disciple in the FA Cup draws attention as it is concluded.

According to the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’, Kompany said, “I have mixed feelings. I have a very strong bond with Manchester City. It will be a tough game, but I am looking forward to it. It will be a special day.” . Man City and Burnley are scheduled to clash over tickets for the semi-finals on the morning of the 19th.

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