Manchester United decided to oust Boot Behorst, a ‘long-legged striker’ approaching 2m, and a report came out that four people were put up as candidates for a new target man.

Among them, it is included as a surprise candidate, so it is expected that attention will be paid to who will come to Manchester United in the future.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on the 5th that “Tunhach has decided not to sign a formal contract with Behorst” and that “after sending him out, we are reviewing four candidates for the same position.”

Behorst is a ‘number 9’ type target striker recruited after careful consideration by manager Turn Hag, who let Cristiano Ronaldo go through contract termination in November last year.

After moving from Burnley, England’s second division, last summer to Turkiye Besiktas, he showed a good goal sense of 8 goals in 16 matches, especially in the quarterfinals against Argentina at the Qatar World Cup held at the end of last year, scoring multiple goals and scoring 90 minutes. By making the game at the end of the game 2-2 and dragging it to the penalty shootout, he received a high score and joined Manchester United on a 6-month lease.

However, after joining, he played in 13 Premier League matches, 6 UEFA Europa League matches, 4 FA Cup matches, and 3 League Cup matches, and was given quite a chance, but there is no Premier League goal at all. He scored one goal each in the League Cup and Europa League only.

In response, the newspaper claims that coach Turnhach has already selected four new forwards, erasing his lingering feelings for him, who is also from the Netherlands.

Among them, in addition to Harry Kane and Victor Osimen, who were often mentioned as candidates for Manchester United, Randall Colo-Moani, who played well in Frankfurt and participated in the World Cup in Qatar at the end of last year as a French national team member, was included.

These are all proven resources on the European stage. In the case of Kane, there are rumors that his current team, Tottenham, has staked a ransom of 100 million pounds (approximately 170 billion won).토토사이트

Another candidate besides the three is Rasmus Hwailun, also known as ‘Denmark Hollan’.

Born in 2003, he is a 191 cm tall striker from Denmark. He is compared to Manchester City’s Norwegian ‘monster striker’ Erling Hollan and is called ‘Denmark’s Haalan’.

Hwailun, who made a surprise entry into the big league after spending two seasons each in the prestigious FC Copenhagen and Sturm Graz in the Austrian Bundesliga last season and received a love call from Serie A Atalanta last season, made his first appearance in the big league by playing in 26 matches this season and scoring 7 goals. He started to become famous after the World Cup break at the end of last year, knocking down 10 goals from the season.

He is a promising striker who is being reviewed by Manchester United as well as Chelsea, Napoli and Bayern Munich, and Hwayun himself has been shown to be very interested in Manchester United.

With the negative prospect that the transfer fund for Manchester United is only 140 billion won, attention is paid to who will be Manchester United’s new number 9.

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