is negotiating the sale of the club due to financial problems. An official from Day One said on the 8th, “We are negotiating the acquisition of the club with a company.” “There is a limit to support as the parent company is difficult. We have been negotiating since the end of last year, and we are discussing ways to save Day One.”

Carrot took over the Goyang Orion basketball team and officially established it in August of last year. Day One’s parent company, which runs the club, is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. In the end, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Chairman Kim Yong-bin resigned from the Korea Curling Federation chairmanship and the Korea Sports Association directorship last month, citing the deteriorating business environment.메이저놀이터

Amid the deteriorating management of the parent company, Carrot also suffered from measles several times due to financial problems. In June of last year, approval for new KBL membership was suspended once due to poor funding and club operation plans. After the establishment, in October of last year, the deadline for payment of 500 million won, the first part of the total 1.5 billion won in special membership fees, which is equivalent to the membership fee, was not met, and the team’s wages were not paid on time this month following last month. When concerns arose over subscription fees and wages, Carrot coach Seung-gi Kim said, “I heard that the situation at the club will improve,” and also read the team.

However, it is currently unclear whether Carrot will be able to pay the balance of the special dues due by the 31st of next month within the deadline. If you do not pay the special dues, you will not be able to participate in the league, and there may be an unprecedented situation in which the playoffs for the 6th round are disrupted. Despite the controversy, Carrot has consistently performed well and is currently in 5th place (20 wins, 19 losses). A KBL official said, “We are closely monitoring the situation. We will respond in principle,” he said.

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