The destination of the soccer god is drawing attention once again.

AFP reported on the 9th (Korean time) that Messi’s transfer to Saudi Arabia was completed, citing sources. 

The media said, “The scale of the contract is enormous,” but did not disclose the exact team name. However, Al-Hilal, who had been aiming for Messi from before, was said to be the most likely candidate. 

In addition, an official who requested anonymity said through AFP, “Messi’s transfer to Saudi Arabia is a ‘dawn deal (negotiation completed)’. It is a special contract. Now, only a few details remain to be finalized.”

In the midst of this, Jorge Messi, Messi’s agent and father, completely denied this. “Nothing has been agreed with any club regarding next season. No decision will be made until we finish the league with PSG,” he said in a statement.

The news of his son’s trip to Saudi Arabia gave off the nuance of just a ‘rumor’. Jorge Messi said: “There are always rumors. A lot of people use Messi’s name for fame. But there is only one truth. We have no agreements with any team.”토스카지노

After his father Jorge’s refutation, AFP took a step back, saying, “The official in Saudi Arabia who said that Messi’s Al-Hilal trip was confirmed refused to disclose the route he obtained the information and himself.”

France’RMC Sports’ said “

The media said, “Saudi Arabia is a destination that Messi is attracted to. In fact, he offered a huge salary. Saudi Arabia intends to develop soft power with Messi at the fore.”

“Messi’s best friends Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets also received offers to go to Saudi Arabia. Even if they are not in the same club as Messi, it is a factor that makes them comfortable. But his wife is reluctant to go to Saudi Arabia,” he pointed out.

RMC Sports pointed out that “Messi can return to Barça. He also wants to play in Europe for one more season,” but pointed out that “Barça’s financial problems are a variable.”

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