A meaningful tournament for the development of youth basketball will be held in Mungyeong-si.

From January 28th to 29th, the ‘8th Mungyeong Mayor’s Cup National Youth Basketball Tournament’ will be held at Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium, Onnuri Sports Center and one other gymnasium. This competition, which was first established in 2013 for the development of youth basketball, competes with a total of 38 teams in 5 categories, including 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades of elementary school and 1st grade of middle school.

This tournament, which is hosted and supervised by the Mungyeong City Sports Association and the Mungyeong City Basketball Association, is sponsored by Mungyeong City, Mungyeong City Council, Gyeongsangbuk-do Sports Association, and Gyeongsangbuk-do Basketball Association. This competition has the nature of a winter competition of the 2022 Mungyeong Living Sports Youth Basketball Championship held in August last year.

At the 2022 Mungyeong Living Sports Youth Basketball Championship, which was held at the same place from August 5 to 7 last year, a local rule was established that required all participating players to play on the court, drawing great response from parents and officials.

The Mungyeong City Sports Association and the Mungyeong City Basketball Association, which hosted and supervised this tournament, established a new rule requiring all players included in the tournament to play more than one quarter in order to keep the purpose of enjoying basketball together rather than obsessing over winning and losing. Individual awards were also abolished. Thanks to this, all players who participated in the competition, not just one, could be spotlighted. 온라인바카라

At the tournament, which was held two years after the outbreak of Corona 19, despite the fierce heat wave every day, thanks to the players’ play that was considerate of each other’s safety, the tournament was able to end successfully without major injuries.

Mungyeong Mayor Shin Hyeon-guk, as well as high-ranking officials from Mungyeong City and the Mungyeong City Sports Association, showed deep interest. made with In this competition, as in the previous summer competition, we plan to apply the local rules unique to the Mungyeong competition to make use of its characteristics.

In this two-day event, starting on the 28th, many basketball classes across the country, including the Ulsan Hanmaeum Basketball Team, Bundang Samsung, and Busan Motion Sports, will participate to create a dream stage.

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