Park Gun-woo (NC Dinos),카지노 who recently received a reprimand expungement, appeared at Sajik Stadium in Busan as a “second team player”.

He is set to play in the 2023 KBO All-Star Game at 6pm on the 15th.

Park, who was selected as a Nanum All-Star Outfielder, attended a fan signing session in the outfield before the game.

Park was removed from the first-team roster on the 3rd of this month for disrupting the team atmosphere by demanding to be substituted during the game even though he was not injured.

At the signing, Park avoided direct comment, telling reporters, “Today is the day the fans voted for me, so I hope they enjoy it.”

“I think it’s better to say something (about it) later when I have a chance,” he said.

When asked about his physical condition, he simply replied, “I’m fine.”

He revealed that he had a meeting with NC coach Kang Myung-ho when the Changwon Samsung Lions game was cancelled due to rain on the 7th.

Although he did not reveal the details of the meeting, it is possible that Park reached out to him to apologise as he was unusually strong in his reprimand.

“I hoped he wouldn’t do anything that would take him away from the original team, but I was very disappointed in that part,” Kang said bitterly, explaining the reasons behind Park’s expulsion on the 4th, adding, “I hope he has time to mature.”

A meeting between Kang and Park Gun-woo at the All-Star Game could be a natural occurrence.

NC finished the first half in fourth place (39 points, 38 losses and one draw) with three wins and four losses in seven games after Park’s expulsion.

They won two straight games against the Lotte Giants in the final three games of the first half, but will need Park’s contribution as their No. 3 hitter if they are to survive the fierce mid-table race in the second half.

It will be interesting to see if Kang, who did not meet with Park separately while deciding on the expungement, has changed his mind after meeting with Park on the 7th.

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