Ronald Acuña Jr. 카지노(26, Atlanta Braves) hasn’t slowed down in his quest for National League Most Valuable Player (MVP) honors.

Through Aug. 31, Acuña Jr. was batting .335 with 24 home runs, 61 RBIs, 93 runs scored, 138 hits, a .416 slugging percentage and a .994 OPS in 103 games this season.

Acuña Jr. also added one stolen base on the day. With 51 total bases (8 stolen), he has already joined the 20-homer, 50-steal club.

Acuña Jr. hit his 24th home run and 50th stolen base of the season in the last 30 days, and added another stolen base in the 31st game. He doesn’t hesitate to run when he gets the chance.

In doing so, Acuña Jr. extended his lead over Esteemed Luis (24) for the second-most stolen bases in the majors to eight. He has a very good chance of becoming the first player to lead the league in stolen bases.

He’s also currently on pace for 37 home runs and 80 steals. With a little more power, he could reach 40 homers and 80 steals.

Ronald Acuña Jr. photo by Getty Images

Of course, no one in the major leagues has ever hit 30 home runs and 60 steals. So there’s a very good chance that Aquino Jr. could become the first player in Major League Baseball history to do so.

The last time a major leaguer stole 80 bases in a season was in 1988, when Rickey Henderson (93) and Vince Coleman (81) did it.

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