While Kim Ha-seong (28) was selected for the Korean national baseball team for the World Baseball Classic (WBC), the San Diego Padres recruited veteran infielder Lougned Odor (29). 

Reporter John Heyman of the US’New York Post reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that San Diego has agreed to a contract with free agent second baseman O’Door. According to follow-up reports, O’Door has agreed to a minor league contract with San Diego that includes an invitation to spring training, and an official announcement will be made once he passes a physical exam.  메이저놀이터

After Kim Ha-seong left the team for a while after finishing the demonstration game with the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 28th of last month, Odor was recruited. Although he signed a minor league contract after his heyday, it can be interpreted as an insurance card for Ha-seong Kim in that he is in the same second base position. 

‘MLB Trade Rumors’ reported the news of Odor’s contract that day and said, ‘All San Diego bench members, including Luis Campusano, Jose Ajoca, Adam Angel, and Brandon Dixon, are right-handed hitters. Odor will be competing for the left-handed option spot with non-roster veterans like David Dahl, Preston Tucker, Alfonso Rivas and Max Schrock.” 

Next, ‘Odor will add depth to the team while Kim Ha-sung and Xander Bogarts are away from the team for a while as the WBC national team’ added that there is also 

Odore, a right-handed and left-handed hitter from Venezuela, is a second baseman. After debuting with the Texas Rangers in 2014, he went through the New York Yankees in 2021 and the Baltimore Orioles in 2022, and has a batting average of .231, 902 hits, 174 homers, 550 RBIs, and an OPS of .712 in 1095 major league 9 seasons. 

He showed off his one-hit slugging power by posting three 30-home run seasons with 33 in 2016, 30 in 2017 and 30 in 2019. However, from 2019, his hitting production and defensive power began to decline. Last year in Baltimore, he had a batting average of .207, 88 hits, 13 homers, and 53 RBIs in 135 games, only .632 OPS. 

Odore, who ate a pot of rice with Choo Shin-soo (SSG) in Texas for seven years from 2014 to 2020, is also well known as a ‘nuclear fist’. On May 16, 2016, against the Toronto Blue Jays, he became a hot topic when he accurately punched his face in anger at Jose Batista’s rough sliding to second base.

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