Oh Hyun-gyu, a striker for the professional soccer team Suwon Samsung and a preliminary member of the Qatar World Cup, has joined Scotland Celtic.

His contract period was 5 years, the transfer fee was 3 million euros, and his value as a goal scorer was recognized to the extent of reaching about 4 billion won.

This is reporter Sohn Ki-seong.


Oh Hyeon-gyu led Suwon Samsung to remain in the first division by scoring a dramatic header goal in last year’s K-League promotion playoffs.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who had the ability to break through and score goals, caught the attention of coach Bento and followed him to the World Cup in Qatar.

Celtic, who closely watched Oh Hyun-gyu, who grew up to the national team level, recruited Oh Hyun-gyu instead of Cho Kyu-seong, who chose to remain in the K-League. 메이저사이트

His contract period is 5 years, the transfer fee is 3 million euros, our money is about 4 billion won, and the annual salary is known to be more than 700 million won.

Celtic immediately released a video of Oh Hyun-gyu wearing the number 19 and delivered a welcome message in Korean.

It seems that Celtic felt a great attraction for the growth potential of Oh Hyun-gyu, who had already solved military problems at the age of 21.

[Soundbite] Oh Hyeon-gyu/Scotland Celtic FC : “I’m really excited and happy to come to a city I’ve seen in movies. The days ahead are like a dream to me, so I think there will be only happy things.”]

Celtic is Scotland, where Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Doo-ri were active. A prestigious team that is currently leading the league.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who was urgently transfused in the winter transfer market, also revealed an ambitious goal.

[Soundbite] Oh Hyun-gyu/Celtic FC Striker : “I want to score a lot here, win the championship together, and go to the European Champions League and go up high.

” We look forward to seeing what you will do on stage.

This is Son Gi-seong from KBS News.

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