Even Atlético Madrid, third in La Liga, jumped into the race to recruit Lee Kang-in (22), the “Golden Boy”. It is news that even the director has approved the recruitment.

Local media reported that Atlético Madrid, the powerhouse of Spain’s Primera Liga, is showing a move to hijack Lee Kang-in, who seemed likely to go to the EPL in the summer transfer market.

Spanish media ‘Lelebo’ said on the 27th (Korean time), “Atletico Madrid held a meeting to recruit Lee Kang-in. Director Diego Simeone also approved the signing of Lee Kang-in.”

Spanish strong club Atletico de Madrid, commonly called Atletico or Atleti or ATM, is a big club that is ranked among the top 3 Spanish clubs along with Real Madrid and Barcelona’s La Liga absolute powerhouses. With Madrid, the capital of Spain, as its home base, and current manager Diego Simeone taking the helm, it has been reborn as a strong player that shakes up the two-river system.

The most recent La Liga title is the 2020-21 season, and it is also a strong team that also advances to the Champions League almost every season. This season, they are in 3rd place, 2 points behind 2nd place Real Madrid, so it is very likely to advance to the Champions League next season.

This is not the first time that Atletico is interested in Lee Kang-in.

‘Lelevo’ said, “Lee Kang-in is very close to Atletico Madrid. Atletico’s interest in Lee Kang-in has been there since Valencia’s youth days,” he said. Now, several years later, Lee Kang-in’s transfer to Atletico is closer than ever.”

Reporter Matte Moreto, who published the article, is known as Atlético’s dedicated reporter and source. Regarding the internal circumstances of Atletico, it is evaluated as having a level of reliability at the level of tier 1, so it is highly likely that it will not stop simply with transfer rumors. Earlier, in January, this media and reporter Moretto reported the news of Atletico’s attempt to recruit Lee Kang-in as an independent report.

At the time of the transfer market last winter, multiple media outlets in England and Spain reported that a number of Atletico and EPL teams were interested in signing Lee Kang-in and actually attempted to recruit him. However, it is a strong fact known so far that the transfer fee did not meet Lee Kang-in’s buyout clause, and Real Mallorca, which was reluctant to leak the ace during the season, refused the transfer.

‘Lelevo’ also said, “Atletico made an offer in January, but the Mallorca club rejected it, saying, ‘Lee Kang-in will not leave now, see you in June.'” It was because he was a very important player to stay in the league.”토스카지노

Previously, English and Spanish media reported that multiple clubs in the English Premier League had inquired about the terms of the contract for Lee Kang-in. The clubs in question are Aston Villa and West Ham.

‘Lelevo’ added, “With the interest of the Premier League, the center of the transfer market is rapidly shifting toward Lee Kang-in. Wolverhampton, Aston Villa, Burnley, and Brighton inquired about the terms of the contract,” he explained, “but in the last game (27th) of both teams, Atletico jumped into Lee Kang-in’s attack in a determined way.”

On the 27th, Lee Kang-in, who was put in as a substitute for a break, showed off his skills with a fantastic dribble that beat 4 defenders. It is also a common situation to sign players who have shown impressive performances in head-to-head matches. It can be judged that Lee Kang-in’s appearance on this day gave some confidence to the Atletico recruiting staff or board.

Lelebo said that Atlético has the will to win the competition with EPL teams that want to recruit Lee Kang-in, and he explained that he would very actively proceed with the second recruitment offer.

From Lee Kang-in’s point of view, Atletico’s interest is good news. This is because it is a good option to head to Atletico, a big club that aims to win the league almost every season while staying in La Liga and aim to advance to the Champions League. What decision will Lee Kang-in make? It seems clear that Lee Kang-in’s stock price is rising more and more.

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