The comeback of former champion Petr Jan is extremely uncertain. He failed to use his strength once and lost to No. 3 de Balish Billy, and sat down with 1 win and 4 losses in the last 5 matches.

Jan lost his third straight match to DeBalishvilli in the bantamweight ranking match at ‘UFC Fight Night 221’ held on the 12th.토토사이트

He was a decision loss, but it was nothing short of a KO match. All three assistant referees scored Debalishvili a complete win at 50-45.

Devalishvili led the fight by leading the attack in each round. Jan defended hard, but he couldn’t stop Dvalishvili’s attack coming in like a tide.

It wasn’t just a takedown. Jan was also a half score in batting.

Devalishvili hit 160 hits up to the 4th inning, hitting 120 of them.

Yan could only fly 80 or so, and his effective hits were only about half.

DeBalishvili dominated the entire round, playing with Yan at will. Yan defended in his own way, but he was unable to make a single attack down attack because he was defending.

Yan received sympathy for saying that he lost despite fighting well in the last 4 matches, but the complete loss on the day made the comeback of the champion far away.

Dralishvilli attacked Yan the most effectively among the champions Sterling and Sean O’Malley who faced Yan, and seemed likely to win even if he fought Sterling right away. .

Devalishvili is on a 9-game winning streak and is looking at No. 1 in the rankings.

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