A meaningful event was held to improve disability awareness in the sports world on the Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Reporter Ham Moorim visited the site of the Dream Paralympic Games, a sports experience program for the disabled.


This is Seoul Olympic Park.

A special sports experience event is being held here on the occasion of the Day of the Disabled.

What is it? Let’s go together.토스카지노

Students run vigorously in wheelchairs.

After adjusting, I grab my racket and go out to experience wheelchair badminton with my friends.

Put on an eyepatch, play football and showdown, and put yourself in the shoes of a blind person.

Even students who play boccia, a para-sport similar to curling, are in for a different experience.


This is the heated atmosphere of the ‘Dream Paralympic Games’, a program to improve disability awareness through experiencing sports for the disabled.

Not only students, but also adults like me can enjoy para sports on site.

[Soundbite] Lee Joo-heum(Bangi Middle School 1st Grade) : “I had the most fun playing badminton in a wheelchair. There were many sports that I didn’t know about (sports for the disabled), but I think I had a lot of good memories.

” Up to a hundred people.

This experience serves as an opportunity to dispel prejudice against students with disabilities.

[Soundbite] Shin Jae-in/Seryun Elementary School, 5th Grade : “I thought that people with disabilities rarely participate in sports like this, but I realized that people with disabilities can do it and everyone can be equal.”] Raising awareness about disabilities through sports

. The Improving Dream Paralympic event will be held until the day after tomorrow (22nd).

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