The Pittsburgh Pirates’ all-time high is not enough to catch All-Star outfielder Brian Reynolds (28). 

The US’Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’ reported on the 4th (Korean time) that the Pirates offered Reynolds more money than Ki Brian Hays, but about $50 million less than the player wanted. 

Pittsburgh signed an eight-year, $70 million contract with third baseman Hayes ahead of the start of the season in April of last year. Pittsburgh club’s highest-ever condition. However, Reynolds is hoping for $50 million more in terms of contract than Hayes. He’s looking for a big contract worth $120 million or more. 

Reynolds’ mind seems to have left Pittsburgh. Reynolds, who had been rumored to be traded for the past few years, asked the club for a trade last month. Pittsburgh did not accept Reynolds’ request, saying, “It’s disappointing, but I will remain a key member of our team for three years until I become a free agent.” 

However, he is a very popular player in the market, and there are trade inquiries from various teams. As there is a marked difference in position in the negotiations for the extension contract, the prospect that the Reynolds trade will eventually be made is prevailing, although it is not known when.  토토사이트

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said, ‘Reynolds will be traded before the end of the 2023 season. “It makes sense to trade,” he said. “More than 10 teams have expressed interest in Reynolds in the past two years.” As Pittsburgh is rebuilding, he emphasized that it is natural to trade when Reynolds’ market value is high. 

Switch hitter center fielder Reynolds is an excellent player on both sides of the offense and defense. He last came to Pittsburgh in the Andrew McCutchen trade after being drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the second round with the 56th pick in 2016. After his big league debut in 2019, he has a career batting average of 493 games for 4 years, 2.8 par, 1 ri, 500 hits, 74 homers, 239 RBIs, and an OPS of .842. 

In 2021, he played an active role in 159 games with a batting average of 3.02, 169 hits, 24 home runs, 90 RBIs, OPS .912, and was selected as the first All-Star. hit a home run Reynolds, who obtained the qualification for annual salary adjustment as a Super 2 player last year, avoided arbitration by signing a two-year contract for $13.5 million. Last year and this year, his annual salary was $6.75 million. There are three more seasons left until free agency, so the trade value is very high.