Federico Valverde, the midfield commander of the Uruguay national football team, acknowledged his failure at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and showed his determination to overcome the crisis.

Real Madrid, to which Valverde belongs, is ahead of the 2022 FIFA Moroccan Club World Cup semi-final against Al Ahli scheduled in Rabat, Morocco at 4 am 토토사이트 on the 9th. During the World Cup in Qatar, Valverde played an impressive role as Uruguay’s key midfielder and hit the goal post in the game against Korea, but eventually suffered the pain of being eliminated from the group stage by Korea.

Asked about his failure at the World Cup in Qatar at a pre-official press conference for Al Ahli, Valverde admitted that “it affected me”. Valverde said, “I have to achieve my goals and achieve everyone’s dreams in the World Cup with the national team, but if I can’t do that, I feel sad. It’s not,” he said.

Valverde has been criticized for his poor performance since the World Cup in Qatar. Valverde seems to recognize this as well. Valverde said, “My performance is not the same as before the World Cup, but there are always challenges in football. What matters is how well you overcome it.”

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that Uruguay, where Valverde belongs, will play against Korea in an A-match in March. Uruguay is constantly being discussed as an opponent for Korea and Japan, who are cooperating in finding opponents for the March A-match friendly. Korean soccer fans may be given a chance to see Valverde again three months after the World Cup.

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