Who benefited the most from Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit?

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that ‘John Barnes named the duo who benefited the most from Ronaldo’s departure’.

Barnes is a football expert from Liverpool legend.

Manchester United mutually terminated Ronaldo’s contract in November last year. Coincidentally, after Ronaldo’s departure, Manchester United began to rise.

The Mirror explained that Barnes cited Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho as the two players who benefited most from Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United.

Ronaldo caused an uproar off the field. Manchester United has always been at the center of controversy since last summer. Because of Ronaldo, there was no windy day. From the preseason, Ronaldo influenced the team atmosphere by producing various dissonances such as not attending training, requesting a transfer, and leaving work without permission. 온라인바카라

In the end, Manchester United could not even wait until the January transfer window and let Ronaldo go. They broke up in a rare way called ‘mutual contract destruction’.

This was rather a boon for Manchester United.

Mirror: ‘Man United have only lost once since Ronaldo left the club. This is also a loss to Arsenal, the leader of the Premier League.”

“Look at Sancho and Rashford after Ronaldo left,” Barnes said. . Now you can see his progress.”

Rashford has scored 10 goals since Ronaldo was gone. Mirror said: ‘Thanks to Rashford’s performance, Manchester United advanced to the fifth round of the FA Cup. The hope of competing for the title continues,” he praised.

Barnes said: “Sancho is a fantastic player. He has great potential. Between Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes, he lost his confidence because he was a young player. He will play with more confidence in the future. The future looks bright.”

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