Professional basketball team Samsung fell into an 11-game losing streak by playing lethargic games, such as shooting airballs that couldn’t even hit the rim.

This is reporter Kim Do-hwan.


Kim Si-rae’s shot, which was kicked out of the attack time, doesn’t even hit the rim.

When foreigner Moss’ shot also went far off the rim, coach Eun Hee-seok ordered a replacement.

The airball from the quick attack opportunity following the mistake of Ginseng Corporation Oh Se-geun made it weak.

In the absence of the opponent’s defense, Lee Dong-yeop fired a shot into the air.

Head coach Eun Hee-seok, who shouted to shoot throughout the game, eventually called the operation time because of his unprofessional performance. 온라인바카라

[Soundbite Eun Hee-seok/Samsung Manager: “What kind of basketball is this? You have to be able to throw it.”] While Samsung overplayed airballs

, Ginseng Corporation, the leader with Oh Se-geun’s 3-storey and Spellman’s dunk, easily won by 25 points.

Samsung fell into an 11-game losing streak.

LG’s captain Lee Kwan-hee intercepted the ball from KCC Heo Woong and even got a foul.

Lee Kwan-hee, who blocked Heo-ung well, played a big role in the attack, including three decisive scoring shots in the 3rd quarter.

LG, which has changed after the appointment of manager Cho Sang-hyun, stepped on the 20th win for the second time after Ginseng Corporation.

Director Jo Dong-hyun’s Hyundai Mobis also won, so the twin brothers had a great New Year’s Day.

This is Kim Do-hwan from KBS News.

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