March is the season of golf where KLPGA and KPGA stretch.

It is the time when the aspirations of golf fans who have been hunched over all winter explode. It’s not just professional golf. Although not as flashy as the pros, the desire to go out on the field is no different from that of amateur golfers.

According to the recent 2021 statistics, the golf population in Korea has increased by more than 16% compared to 2017. As such, the number of golfers targeting amateurs is increasing. It is hard to give up the taste of rounding with like-minded people gathering and making friends with nature. The warm spring sunlight tickling her cheeks amplifies that desire. 메이저사이트

Amateur golf tournaments are stretching all over the country. It started with the national amateur golf tournament hosted by Gangjin-gun, the city of ‘Goryeo celadon’ and supervised by the Korea Life Sports Golf Association. The first amateur golf tournament of the new year in 2023 will be held at ‘Dasan Bearchae cc’ in Gangjin, Jeollanam-do for two days from February 26th. Because it is an amateur golf tournament, professional players do not participate.

But it’s not just a tournament to enjoy golf. Korea Life Sports Golf Teaching Practical test is also conducted at the same time. It is also a meaningful tournament for those who are preparing to become golf instructors. The Korea Life Sports Golf Association is a corporate body established to take the lead in popularizing golf so that it can be settled as a leisure culture, and furthermore, to contribute to the expansion of the base of golf and the development of the local community.

Here, it is possible to prepare a golf physical trainer certification course. The ‘golf physical trainer certification’ is expected to offset the chronic injuries of golfers, such as rehabilitation and recovery from injuries sustained by golfers’ incorrect exercise methods, and muscle strengthening to prevent injuries.

On the other hand, ‘Dasan Bearchae CC’, which hosts this tournament, is a course full of the characteristics of Gangjin. From the ‘Dasan’ course to the ‘Beachee’ course and the ‘Jangbogo’ course, there are 27 holes. In particular, the beach course reminiscent of the fjords in Norway boasts a cozy and cozy landscape. The Dasan Bearchae CC is considered a famous golf destination with nature at the end of the Honam vein where the mountains and the sea harmonize.

Bae Chul-hoon, chairman of the Korea Sports and Sports Golf Association, said, “Based on the experience of holding three national tournaments in 2022, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Governor Kang Jin-won for hosting the first national golf tournament in Gangjin-gun in 2023.” said hello.

Governor Kang Jin-won also added that he hoped that this golf tournament would serve as an opportunity to widely publicize Gangjin-gun to the public.

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