Utah has emerged as a seller in the trade market. 

Ahead of this season, Utah announced a complete rebuild. He traded both Rudy Gobaer and Donovan Mitchell, who were the team’s key one-two punchers, and made the choice to look to the future rather than the present. 

However, Utah had a surprising blast at the beginning of the season, overshadowing their offseason moves. Starting the season with three straight wins, Utah went 10-3 in his first 13 games, putting them at the top of the Western Conference.  바카라

However, Utah’s gusts did not continue. Utah, which stagnated with a record of 7-9 in November, ended with a record of 6-9 in December, and the winning rate fell below 50%. Even in January, it has not rebounded with a record of 2 wins and 3 losses so far. 

As a result, Utah has fallen to 9th in the Western Conference with a record of 21 wins and 23 losses so far. Then Utah made another crucial decision. It was decided to organize the roster once again as a seller in the trade market. 

Rumors are now that Utah has all players on the trade block except for Lauri Makkanen and Walker Kessler. This means that all but two key players who will be the core of the future team are not included in the team’s future plan. 

This trade market is running quietly, with no team appearing as a seller. In the meantime, Utah predicted another storm. As the trade market closes on February 10 (Korean time), attention is paid to what kind of trade Utah will make. 

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