Another ‘overturning of the table’ is predicted. 

On the 20th, in the third round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2022-23’ final held at Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang, Blue One Resort defeated Welcome Savings Bank by a set score of 4-2. 

The two teams, which had a set score of 1-1 the previous day, were balanced, with Blue One Resort leading by one more win, and the weight of the game slanted slightly. 

Zapata took a terrifying lead with 8 high runs. Han Ji-seung and Kudron did not hear a single cue and just sat and watched with a serious expression throughout the first inning. Coudron barely got a chance and started to score, but it didn’t lead to a streak. After 2 innings, Um Sang-pil made the set point and finished, bringing the first set straight to 11-3.  토토사이트

In the second set of women’s doubles, Wellbang launched a counterattack. While Seo Han-sol and Kim Min-yeong suffered from empty hits until the 4th inning, Kim Ye-eun and Oh Su-jeong took the lead with 4 points. However, in the 5th inning, Seo Han-sol’s bank shot scored the first goal. Hansol Seo, who tied the score 7-7 in 7 innings, made a miraculous turnaround with a long hit and sprinted with a high run of 6 points, making the first win of the final and taking the second set.

In the 3rd set, Kang Min-goo and B-Roll Wimaz were matched. Birol Wimaz ran fearlessly and scored 11 points first, while Kang Min-goo faltered in the beginning and started chasing after 4 innings. But there was no reverse. Wimaz accumulated 3 points in a row, entered the match point first, and took the 3rd set by making a 15-9 with a cool last shot. 

With a high run of 7 points in 2 innings, the team of Kang Min-goo and Throng made a match point in an instant. The team of Wimaz and Sujeong Oh failed to catch the cue properly. Kang Min-goo hit the last hit and ended the game lightly. In an instant, Blue One Resort led the set score 3-1, heating up the atmosphere. 

The big match between Zapata and Kudron in the ace match in the 5th set was truly the highlight. In the beginning, Zapata seemed to end the game by scoring consecutively, but at the end, Kudron chased after it and turned the game around at the tip of the chin, 11-10. 

In the 5th set, the female aces of each team clashed. Throng first scored four points to take the lead. Kim Ye-eun only scored 2 points and could not succeed in the chase. In addition, Throng, who scored consecutively, entered the match point first without difficulty and ended the game as it was. 

Seo Han-sol, whom I met as a distinguished player after the game, said, “If I play well in the first game, there are many times when I don’t do well in the next game, but I will adjust the tension well.” I think I will be able to play well,” he said, expressing his determination for the next game. 

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