“The KBO is also taking the indictment of Seo Jun-won very seriously. However, there are restrictions in the rules and the investigation by the judicial authorities is ongoing, so it was decided that it was important to suspend the athlete’s activities as soon as possible.”

On the 28th, the KBO announced, “Seo Jun-won, who was accused of violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Youth, was suspended from participating in accordance with Article 152, Paragraph 5 of the KBO Rules.” Previously, Seo Jun-won was accused of violating the Act on Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents (production and distribution of sexual exploitation materials, etc.) by having minors take nude photos and send them in August of last year. 토토사이트

Seo Jun-won was charged with abduction and luring of minors at the end of last year after the charges were revealed through a police investigation, and he was sent to the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office the same month. Recently, as specific facts have been revealed, he is scheduled to be tried on charges of violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents’ Sexuality.

Seo Jun-won’s former team, the Lotte Giants, immediately after the fact was confirmed through media reports, released him and issued the club’s highest level of discipline.

However, no measures such as permanent expulsion, which is the highest level of discipline at the KBO stage, have been issued. Instead, according to the suspension of participating activities, Seo Jun-woon will not be able to participate in any club activities (training, games) until the disposition ends.

Why? Jang Han-joo, head of the KBO Clean Baseball Center team, said, “We took urgent measures for cheating and damage to dignity in accordance with the relevant rules.” There is also a dimension problem,” he explained.

The KBO regulations related to the suspension of participation activities are Article 152, Paragraph 5. The relevant rules are set forth in <In case the governor recognizes the fact of each subparagraph of Article 148 [Cheating Act] or Article 151 [Damaging Dignity], or in the process of reporting and confirming the facts, it is recognized that there is a hindrance to the performance of the relevant duties Participation activities (duties) may be suspended until sanctions are decided on the relevant person.>

At least, according to the judgment that there was an act of damaging the dignity of Seo Jun-won, he suspended his participation activities until the sanction was decided, and in fact, made him unable to act as a baseball player.

Jang Han-joo, team leader of the Clean Baseball Center, said, “Until the end of the disposition, Seo Jun-won cannot engage in any club activities, including training and games.” That’s why it would be good to understand that it was an urgent measure.

In short, it means that the KBO did not take Seo Jun-won’s charges lightly and imposed a relatively weak disciplinary action.

How will the disciplinary process for Seo Jun-won proceed? KBO plans to hold a reward and punishment committee to review whether to terminate the suspension of participation and final sanctions once the facts regarding Seo Jun-won’s charges are confirmed according to the judgment of the judicial body in the future. Such final sanction may result in up to permanent expulsion.

According to the KBO Code of Injury to Dignity, acts related to sexual violence can result in permanent, lifelong, or disqualification of one year or more. In addition, if you hide the criminal activity and do not report it to the club and the KBO, you can face aggravated sanctions. In addition, the charge of violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents is considered to be particularly severe and of a bad quality among sex crimes.

Team leader Jang Han-joo said, “We couldn’t hold a reward/punishment committee as the judicial investigation is ongoing, and we decided that it was important to suspend the player’s activities as soon as possible.” There is,” he added.

In summary, the disciplinary action against Seo Jun-won at the KBO level is not a confirmed issue. This means that additional disciplinary action can be taken again after the clear dispute and factual relationship are revealed through the judicial authority.

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