Hana 1Q aims for the first two wins of the season in a face-to-face confrontation with Shinhan Bank.

Bucheon Hana One Q will face off against Shinhan Bank Incheon in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball held at the Bucheon Gymnasium on the 21st.

Hana 1Q defeated Yongin Samsung Life Insurance 65-56 on the 19th. He escaped an 8-game losing streak and won his 2nd season. However, Shin Ji-hyun, the ace, withdrew to the bench with 3 minutes and 23 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Director Kim Do-wan said, “They said they were surprised by the hamstrings, which were not good. It’s not a big injury. I guess I’ll have to wake up and check. He was just surprised, so I think it will be okay,” he added.

Shin Ji-hyun was named in the starting lineup for the Shinhan Bank match. Director Kim Do-wan said, “There were no major problems in the hospital examination the next day. He seems to have pain because it was originally a bad part. ready to run He seems to have to look at the situation in the middle.”

Hana One Q coach Kim Do-wan

Q. How are you preparing for today’s match?
Shinhan Bank players are one step ahead of our players. It is a team that takes transitions quickly and is good at creating outside shots, so we emphasized the defense of this part. I didn’t practice because I didn’t have much time, but I’ll try to reduce my outside shots as much as possible. (Kim) Jin-young and (Lee) Kyeong-eun focused on defense. 메이저사이트

Q. How is Sonia Kim’s defense?
I decided to entrust (Yang) In-young one-on-one. (Kim) Sonia should also block well, but the attack derived from Lee Kyung-eun must be blocked. In the previous game, we defended to keep Kim Jin-young open, but now we have to block it. The amount of activity of both players will have to be reduced.

Q. How is Park Jin-young’s physical condition?
I have an idea to use. He is a player with good hardware. However, due to the long injury period, his condition did not improve, and the defensive part did not fully melt. He was accustomed to playing basketball alone in high school, so he lacks leisure or perspective. He seems to have to take a long look and make up for it. There are parts where the opponent and our team don’t match, so I have a thought of putting in as needed.

*Best 5
Hana OneQ: Shin Ji-hyun, Jeong Ye-rim, Kim Ji-young, Kim Ye-jin, Yang In-young,
Shinhan Bank: Han Chae-jin, Lee Kyung-eun, Kim Jin-young, Beads, Kim Sonia

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