The Incheon Yeongjong Island Sky72 golf course, which was suspended due to a court decision, proposed a conditional business transfer plan to Incheon International Airport Corporation. 

Sky72 said in a press release on the 7th, “If the legal status of workers such as rental operators, subcontractors, caddies, and employees are guaranteed under the same conditions as they are now for three years, we will transfer the business to the successor and cooperate in the process of succession to the status of the sports facility business. “he said.  메이저놀이터

Sky72 built and operated a golf course in 2005 after signing a lease contract with Incheon International Airport Corporation, the owner of Incheon International Airport’s runway 5.

However, at the end of the contract period, when Incheon International Airport Corporation confirmed the KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium as a new operator, a legal dispute ensued for over two years.   

In December of last year, the Supreme Court sided with Incheon International Airport Corporation, and following the ruling to hand over the golf course site, Sky72 suspended business. 

Sky72 proposed the transfer of the business and requested the resumption of the Bada course business to maintain the livelihood of related workers and prevent damage to the golf course. 

The KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium, the follow-up operator of the golf course, immediately issued a statement after receiving the related report. 

The KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium criticized, “Sky72’s proposal is just a trick and deceit to regain control of the sea course. It pretends to be concerned about the employment problem of its employees, but it is a trick to make more money using this as an excuse.”

“Please actively cooperate with the normalization of the golf course by restoring common sense and complying with the law,” he said. To do so, we plan to pay a living subsidy, and we are talking with the representative of the caddy.”

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