After his professional debut, he continued to play as a relief pitcher, but suddenly changed to a starting position during the season, and now he is performing as well as an ace pitcher. LG pitcher Lee Jeong-yong (27) is the protagonist.

In the LG starting rotation, which is in first place, the pitcher who has recorded the most stable pitch over the past month is Lee Jeong-yong.

Plutko is out with a pelvic bone bruise, and Choi Won-tae, who was traded as a ‘winning contractor’, continued to perform poorly and was sent down to the second team. Kelly, a long-serving foreigner, is finally coming back to life little by little, and Lim Chan-gyu’s ERA is soaring in the second half of the season.   먹튀검증

Lee Jeong-yong, who joined as a first-round pick in 2019, played as a bullpen pitcher in 165 games until last year, recording 10 wins, 7 losses, 41 holds, and 1 save. Since 2021, he has been playing as a sure-win team.

Early this season, when closer Go Woo-seok left with a shoulder injury, Lee Jeong-yong took over as temporary closer. However, he performed poorly in 23 games with 3 wins, 1 hold, 3 saves, 5 blown saves, and an ERA of 5.57. There were more failures than his successful saves.

In mid-June, Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop attempted the risk of converting Lee Jeong-yong into a starting pitcher. It was an unfamiliar challenge for Lee Jeong-yong, who continued to fail in the bullpen. 

Coach Yeom mentioned, “When I suggested (Lee) Jeong-yong to switch to the starting lineup, I said, ‘If things continue like this, neither you nor I have anything left.’” Last winter, Lee Jeong-yong was about to enlist as a managing director, but when Director Yeom ascended to the command tower, Lee Jeong-yong’s enlistment was postponed. He even postponed his military service, but if the season continues with a poor performance in the bullpen, neither the manager nor the players will have anything left.

Lee Jeong-yong, who was a fastball and slider two-pitch pitcher, was advised to learn fork and curve and use them as decisive balls. If you are a bullpen who throws short innings, you can do it with just two solid pitches, but if you are a starter who throws long innings, you need to use 3 to 4 pitches to make a long run. As Lee Jeong-yong pitched as a starter, he realized that pitches other than fastballs and sliders were needed. 

# LG Lee Jeong-yong, starting mound log Date 
Opponent team Opponent starting pitch content (win/loss) Team result 
6.25 Lotte Strayley / 2 innings, 1 run (ND) / LG W 
7.2 KIA Anderson / 3 innings, no runs (ND) / LG W
7.9 Lotte St. Reilly / 3 innings, 6 runs (loss) / LG L
7.27 KT Cuevas / 4 innings, 4 runs (ND) / LG W
8.2 Kiwoom Ahn Woo-jin / 6 innings, no runs (ND) / LG W 
8.9 KIA Lee Eui-ri / 5 innings, no runs (W) / LG W
8.16 Samsung Buchanan / 6 innings, 2 runs (win) / LG W
9.1 Hanwha Pena / 6 innings, no runs (win) / LG W
9.8 KT Go Young-pyo / 6 innings, 3 runs (win) / LG W 
————— ————————————————
9 games as a starter, 4 wins, 1 loss, ERA 3.29, 5 runs allowed in 29 innings in the last 5 games, ERA 1.55.

Lee Jeong-yong made his first professional debut against Lotte at the end of June. Little by little, the number of pitches and innings increased. He pitched well against Kiwoom on August 2, pitching 6 scoreless innings, and pitched 5 scoreless innings against KIA on August 9, recording his first win as a starter in his debut. After that, he fully established himself as a starting pitcher. He recorded quality starts in three consecutive games, continuing his four-game winning streak as a starter.

Lee Jeong-yong has been playing very well with 4 wins, no losses, and an ERA of 1.55 in 5 games since August. He pitched 29 innings, allowing 25 hits, 4 walks, 17 strikeouts, and 5 runs.

Looking at the performance of league pitchers since August, Buchanan (Samsung) has the lowest ERA of 1.72 (7 earned runs in 36.2 innings) with 2 wins and no losses in 6 games. Cuevas (KT), who won MVP in August, is next with 5 wins, no losses, and an ERA of 1.80 (9 runs in 45 innings) in 7 games. Barnes (Lotte) has 2 wins and 2 losses in 7 games with an average ERA of 1.85, and Wilkerson (Lotte) has 3 wins and 2 losses in 8 games with an average ERA of 1.99. Lee Jeong-yong is not inferior to them. 

Moreover, the opposing starting pitchers that Lee Jeong-yong faced were all ace-level pitchers. In 9 starting games, he faced foreign pitchers 6 times, and also faced the league’s best native starters such as Ahn Woo-jin and Go Young-pyo. Lee Jeong-yong has 4 wins and 1 loss against them, and 8 wins and 1 loss in games in which Lee Jeong-yong started. Now she is called the Victory Fairy.

Regarding Lee Jeong-yong, who is recording amazing results as a starter, Coach Yeom said, “It is not an easy task, but (Lee) Jeong-yong did it really well,” and “Coaches Kim Gyeong-tae and Kim Gwang-sam worked hard. Jeong Yong added a forkball and curve. “He led it well,” he praised. 

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