Manager Eric ten Haag has made the decision to drop Ut Verhost as a midfielder.

Manchester United lost 2-2 to Barcelona in the first leg of the playoff round of 16 of the 2022-23 season at Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​Spain at 2:45 am (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) on the 17th. got a draw The second leg will be played at Manchester United’s home on the 24th.

Coach Xavi Hernandez set up the starting lineup through irregular appointments, using Jules Kunde as a center back and Ronald Arauho as a right fullback. The fact that left-back Marcos Alonso played at center back drew attention, and the use of Pablo Gabi as a fake winger was also impressive. As much as Xavi, coach Ten Hagh also came out with an unpredictable system through position changes. The use of Luke Shaw center back was representative.

The most surprising thing is that they put Verhost in midfield. Verhost is a striker. He is a striker who fights, connects, and exerts influence at the forefront while competing using his tall height and physicality. After terminating his contract with Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United brought him to the winter transfer window and has been consistently used as a starter in recent years. He continued to play as a striker, but this time moved down to midfield. 카지노사이트

The intention was clear. He is good at linking up front, but he lacks decisiveness and the overall performance is not satisfactory, so he was placed in the midfield along with Fred and Case Mirou to make use of Verhost’s passing ability. It was an unbiased choice. At the forefront without Verhost, Marcus Rashford was located. Rashford constantly threatened the back space and even scored.

Rashford’s frontline appointment was successful, but Verhost shift’s results were poor. Verhost played well, but lacked his speed and struggled in the midfield against Barcelona with Gabi at the fore. He was also not good at passing, with a passing success rate of only 64.3%. The pass attempt was also the lowest among the starting players with 14 times. The key pass was 0 times.

England’s ‘Manchester Evening News’ gave a rating of 5, saying, “Ver Host, who played in the midfield, played hard, but missed one-on-one matches. He seemed unfamiliar with the position.” The British ‘Telegraph’ also gave the same rating. Since the performance against Barcelona was not good, it seems unlikely that Verhost will be used as a midfielder in the future.

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