The journalist has been in charge of sports since 1999. Since 2000 he has mainly played football except for a few years.

As a football reporter, he recently watched the baseball team’s slump in a series of international competitions. A similar situation repeated each time. “I was wrong from the selection of the representative,” “I couldn’t improve my condition quickly,” “The manager’s decision was late,” “I was mentally relaxed,” “The players were full,” and so on. All criticism was focused only on the national team, and the national team and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) bowed their heads saying, “I’m sorry.” Such criticism and self-examination were repeated several times, but the skill rather fell.토토사이트


The basics are the most important thing in everything in the world. If the foundation is good, a large building can be erected. The basics of soccer are shooting, passing, and ball guarding. If you learn it well at a young age, you can excel in difficult situations. If you want to sing well, you have to make a good sound, and you have to match the pitch and beat well. Only when you do it right can you sing musical numbers and arias. You must have a solid understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve equations and calculus.

There is only one ultimate reason why Korean football was sluggish in the World Cup. This is because there is a shortage of promising players with excellent basic skills. What Son Heung-min learned from an early age was shooting, passing, and dribbling, not strategies and tactics. His father, Son Woong-jeong, recalled, “It took Heung-min seven years to learn the basics.”

What are the basics of baseball? Throwing the ball quickly and accurately and continuously, swinging the bat freely and hitting the ball with a straight hit, safely catching a fast hit ball and delivering it to the fielder accurately, moving quickly to the hitting point and quickly digging into the next press. Achievement can be made when experience and skill are accumulated in solid basics.

Perhaps the reason why Korean baseball is sluggish is because there is a lack of promising prospects with good basic skills. Why can’t Korean pitchers around the age of 20 be able to throw fastballs reliably? Why are young pitchers getting so many shoulder and elbow surgeries? What is the reason why the ability to connect pitches to hits is weak? Why do defense and mobility decrease? Wouldn’t that be the result of Korean baseball not being able to put much effort into nurturing prospects and not creating a good system?

If you pitch mainly with your upper body, you cannot throw the ball stably. Even if you throw a fastball, the ball is not controlled. A fireballer with control must be trained to transfer power from the strong lower body to the upper body most efficiently. A strong lower body, and the training that connects the power from there to the upper body must be done properly so that you can hit the ball with a regular hit and that too.

In baseball, pitching is mutually antagonistic, yet dependent and complementary. If there are a lot of fastball pitchers, the hitting will be stronger. When the fierce battle between the pitch to intimidate the hitter and the blow to hit it is ripe, the batted ball becomes faster and sharper. To receive such a batted ball, you need a complete defense. When pitching, batting, and defense are all strong, there is no place for laggards. Instead of a fat and huge body, a fast, strong and stocky body becomes a prerequisite for survival.

You cannot put a big roof on a weak cornerstone and weak pillars. A great player cannot come out without excellent fundamentals. No matter how much you push adult players with weak basic skills, the effect is negligible. When not only the KBO, which is in charge of the pros, but also all members of Ambaseball make efforts and concessions to create an excellent training system, Korean baseball can once again dream of becoming the world’s strongest. Football, of course, is the same.

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