It is the era of Lionel Messi’s ordeal. Starting with a trip to Saudi Arabia, even Saudi Al-Hilal, who was rumored to be transferring, drew a line with Messi.

Messi is having a tough time lately. Relations with his club, Paris Saint-Germain, are heading towards catastrophe. He left Barcelona in the summer of 2021 to join PSG, but it is evaluated as a failed signing as he failed to win the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League, which was his biggest goal.

In addition, he was disciplined by the club after it became known that he was absent from team training and went on a trip to Saudi Arabia with his family. After the incident, Messi dressed up in a suit and posted an apology video saying, “I didn’t know if there would be training. I went to Saudi Arabia because I was given a break the day after the match. I’ll wait for the club’s decision.”

PSG withdrew the suspension of pay and suspension, and Messi made a comeback through the match against Ajaccio on the 14th (Korean time).

However, the anger of the fans did not subside. When Messi’s name rang out or when he got the ball, he was booed a lot. Messi, who has lost the public sentiment of the fans, is likely to leave PSG at the end of this season.

His destination is his home team Barcelona or the Saudi League. However, in order for Barcelona to sign Messi, the player must be sold first. There were also rumors of Al-Hilal transfer to Saudi Arabia.토토사이트

In this situation, Chairman Fahd bin Napel Al-Hilal drew a line on transfer rumors related to Messi. According to France 24 on the 14th, Vin Napel said in an interview after the King’s Cup final, “Don’t ask me about Messi.”

“I’m not going to tell you any news. I’ll just have to wait for news from the club media,” said Bin Nafel. You have to know that,” he insisted, that no player is above the team.

He added, “I aim to improve the club. If you focus on one player, you lose the whole club.”

Messi, who has won the most Ballon d’Or awards in history (seven times) and has risen to the top of the list by winning the World Cup in Qatar last year, in the worst case, is at risk of becoming a duck egg without a team.

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