Seo Young-jae (Daejeon) was found to be the fastest running player in the professional soccer K-League 1. The player best at long-distance passing was Shim Sang-min (Pohang).

According to the K-League 1 rounds 1-4 (physical) data analysis announced by the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 11th, Seo Young-jae ran at 35.67 km/h in the third round against Pohang and took first place.

In the first round against Gangwon, Seo Young-jae ran at 34.91 km/h and took second place.

3rd place was Daejeon Leandro (34.56 km/h), 4th place was Daegu Baselus (34.52 km/h), and 5th place was Daejeon Jeon Byeong-gwan (34.47 km/h).토토사이트

Four out of the top five runners were counted as Daejeon runners. Seo Young-jae showed off his quick feet by taking both first and second place.

The player with the longest run was Koh Seung-beom (Suwon Samsung). Ko Seung-beom ran 50.53 km.

Second place was Shin Jin-ho (49.61 km) in Incheon, third place was Park Yong-woo (49.38 km) in Ulsan, fourth place was Ki Sung-yong (48.81 km) in Seoul, and Jeong Ho-yeon (48.40 km) in Gwangju was fifth.

Kim Do-hyeok (Incheon), who ran 139 times, took first place in the number of sprints. Second place was Daegu Ko Jae-hyeon (138 times), and Suwon FC Lee Kwang-hyuk (131 times) and Gwangju Lee Min-ki (131 times) tied for third place. 5th place was Ulsan Kim Tae-hwan (130 times).

In the long-distance pass category over 30m, Pohang Shim Sang-min took first place with an average of 5.23 passes. The federation analyzed, “Sim Sang-min stood out in the long-distance pass, which is relatively more difficult than the short- and mid-distance pass.”

Kim Yeong-gwon from Ulsan (average 4.07) ranked second, Shin Jin-ho (average 3.10) ranked third, Go Myung-seok (Suwon) ranked fourth (average 3.64), and Kim Oh-gyu (average 3.36) ranked 5th from Jeju.

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