“The national team is a place where my heart warms up.”

Just thinking about it makes my heart warm. No matter how many years I’ve experienced it, it’s always daunting. With a proud Taegeukgi on his chest, he now heads to the place where the best baseball players in the world gather. Ahn Su-ji and Choi Min-hee, 34-year-old national baseball players of the same age, dream of a spectacular finale in their first international competition.

Outfielder Ahn Su-ji has been wearing the Taegeuk mark for four years since 2020, and catcher Choi Min-hee has worn the Taegeuk mark in 2019 and 2020, but returned to the national team this year after a two-year break due to childbirth and childcare.

Although they have been in the national team for more than three years, both players are training with special excitement this year. It is an international competition. The national team participating in the Asian Cup (BFA) will depart for Hong Kong on the 24th and play against the world’s strongest Japan on the 26th.

Ahn Su-ji smiled, saying, “I wanted to learn baseball, which I like a little more professionally, under a well-organized coach.”

Choi Min-hee also returned to the national team with a big heart for the international competition. “It is not easy to wear the Taegeuk mark on the chest. Choi Min-hee, emphasizing that the national team is a place that warms the heart, said, “I want to make beautiful memories.”

Ahn Su-ji is quick on her feet, and she usually plays as the leadoff or number 2 hitter in the national team evaluation match. His quick feet are his strong point. I am confident in any position in the outfield.

Although he is playing well, he has recently fallen into a slump in terms of batting. So he goes to the betting field and hits countless balls. Ahn Su-ji said, “If I put 2,000 won in, I go to the betting center where 15 balls come out every day. If he goes, he will hit 30,000 won.” He hits 225 balls every day while doing his job.

Choi Min-hee is the catcher and captain of the national team. Coach Yang Sang-moon of the national team hinted, “(Choi) Min-hee takes good care of her younger siblings.” Choi Min-hee said, “I don’t have much to do as a captain. We just try to make the players feel comfortable.”토토사이트

Before she was a national representative, she is also a mother of two children. Choi Min-hee said, “Three people adjust the schedule for the national team training every weekend. She’s a mother-in-law, husband, and big kid,” she said. However, all members of her family always support Choi Min-hee’s challenge.

“I am proud of you.” Choi Min-hee’s first child is in the 5th grade of elementary school. He said, “My child is proud of me being a member of the national team. He doesn’t give up on what I like and continues to do it. He likes it, too,” she smiled.

Ahn Su-ji and Choi Min-hee are roommates who share a lodging during national team training. The two, who are said to be a great strength to each other, put their heads together after training, do image training, and do bat swings that they thought were lacking during training.

“I try to spend my time outside of training meaningfully. “It’s an international competition that comes only once in a lifetime,” the two players said, “I will become a player needed by the team.”

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