Samsung’s infield has become younger. 

Kim Sang-soo (33) and Oh Seon-jin (34) obtained FA qualifications and moved to KT and Hanwha, respectively, and Kim Ji-chan (22) and Lee Jae-hyeon (20) will form a new keystone duo. In addition, Kim Dong-jin (27), Kim Young-woong (20), and Kim Jae-sang (19) are sweating hard at the first team camp. 

The importance of Oh Jae-il (37), who is considered the best first baseman in the league, has grown even more. If the first baseman lacks catch ability, it can be a burden for the infielder, but Jae-il Oh can catch them all and give the younger infield a sense of stability. 

Manager Park Jin-man, who received the title of ‘National Shortstop’ during his active career, also emphasized the importance of first base defense. 

He said, “I am also an infielder, but having a reliable player at first base gives me a sense of psychological stability.” This is because, when throwing to first base after catching a batted ball, if there is a first baseman with excellent defensive ability, he can get it out just by catching it. 

“As a young infielder, I feel more relaxed. that’s very big He is not in a rush, he has more leeway, and his confidence grows even more when he plays.”  토토사이트

Coach Park Jin-man also received a lot of help from first basemen with excellent defensive skills, such as Kim Gyeong-gi and Lee Soong-yong, when he was a rookie. 

“I’ve seen a lot of that effect,” he said. If I throw it somehow, I catch it all, so I feel comfortable and relaxed when I play. He has good defensive skills and a good physique, so there was no burden when throwing to first base. Jaeil and Jaeil being at first base will have a really big impact.” 

In response, Jae-il Oh said, “It is part of team play to make anyone feel comfortable throwing. When the pitcher throws wrong, the catcher blocks it with his body, and when I throw to second base, the second baseman catches it casually. All of this is team play. It’s a team sport, so you have to have the perception that it’s a team play.” 

For the successful generational change of the infield, not only Oh Jae-il, but also veteran players such as Lee Won-seok and Kang Han-ul are also important. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “As I said before, the infield team was composed mainly of young players. Ji-chan and Jae-hyun are mentally strong, but difficult times come. If veteran players encourage and comfort us during the game, we can create a good atmosphere.”

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