“The team makes it difficult, but there are many advantages.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s (38, Al Nasr) teammate Luis Gustavo talked about the impact Ronaldo’s presence has on the team.

Ronaldo made a new nest in Al Nasr on the last day of last year. He started his life in Saudi Arabia with the world’s highest annual salary of 270 billion won, but it is not so smooth. 메이저놀이터

First of all, there is no proper goal. Of course, he scored his first goal in three matches on his debut, but it was a penalty kick goal. Ronaldo, who previously played in one league match and one Super Cup match, failed to score a goal. On the 19th of last month, he was selected as a Riyadh All-Star and started scoring against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), but it was only an event friendly match.

“Ronaldo’s presence is making it difficult for me and his teammates,” Gustavo said. Because of that, other competing clubs are aiming for the team.” Al-Nasr was placed at the top of the league. With 34 points, they are tied with Al-Shabab Riyadh and Al-Itihad in second place, but are ahead on goal difference and have played one game less than Al-Shabab Riyadh.

1st place for ‘every time’. Accordingly, it is interpreted that Gustavo is negatively viewing the fact that other teams’ checks have become more severe because Ronaldo, a superstar, is on the team.

Added benefits. “He has great skills both technically and physically. We are learning from him every day. His presence in the team itself brings great advantages. Ronaldo always succeeds in challenges. He scored his first goal, so the pressure on him will be gone.”

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