What if the Football Association’s mandatory trainer B had a license?
2701 will only exist in the players’ memories. Just like the 2018 World Cup warm-up and the 2019 Asian Cup finals.
The Football Association doesn’t seem to know the core of the problem yet. Or are you pretending not to know?
The beginning of this situation is Naero Nambul of the Chukhyeop. That there was an unqualified trainer inside the medical team. This is the moment when the only opposing logic of the Chukhyeop collapsed.
Again, what if the livestock cooperative duty trainer had a license?
The players would not have raised a problem with the Chukhyup. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have wasted time with meetings and meetings the day before the Ghana match. I would have just focused on the game.

This is the essence of the 2701 controversy. The livestock cooperative violated the principle. Caught. He made several excuses before the match against Uruguay and Ghana. That’s what interrupted the game.

‘Dispatch’ pointed out the essence of this situaticccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccon again.
First, the Football Association refuted that “Ahn Deok-soo does not have the license the association wants (he has not renewed). He cannot be hired.” It feels like driving the 2701 situation into a 

job search frame .
Do you want to give the impression that “Ahn Deok-soo and the players are pushing themselves”? Association is ‘principle’, Ahn Deok-soo is ‘saengte’. Even while selling players, they are packaging them with ‘principle’.
However, the 2701 controversy is not “Please hire Ahn Deok-soo as a trainer”. In fact, Ahn Duk-soo has never asked the association for work. More than anything, he doesn’t want himself to work for an association.

Then, what is the reason for Ahn Deok-soo to expose Room 2701?
What we need to consider is the resolution of Unit 2701. Why 20 players gathered in Room 2701 and why those players made their resolution to advance to the round of 16 in Room 2701 should be pointed out. 
Let’s look at number 5 of the Football Association’s statement first. 

“Two days before the match against Uruguay, some players came to the head of the national team. The players demanded that the medical team leader, A, return home. The reason was that the medical team leader A was a key figure who opposed the joining of Ahn Deok-soo.” (Football Association)
The following are the facts confirmed by ‘Dispatch’. A bomb declaration by a medical trainer served as a ‘trigger’ for this situation.

“Ahn Deok-soo and Song Young-sik are working so hard. Among the trainers of the Football Association, there are teachers without qualifications. Seeing you suffer so much here makes us feel even more sorry.” (livestock trainer)

In common sense, how would players know if they have a livestock trainer license? The reason the players became aware of this fact (in Qatar) was because of the 

conscience confession of the trainer inside the National Federation of Livestock Cooperatives .
In fact, the players respected the principles of the Chukhyeop. Accordingly, about 10 players prepared security for Ahn Deok-soo’s team with ‘private money’. Knowing the importance of the World Cup, it was an inevitable choice.
That’s why I protested (to the livestock cooperative). Someone claimed to be responsible for this situation. The Chukhyeop soothed the players with the words, “We will restrict Team A’s entry to the stadium.”

The 8th entry of the Chukhyeop is even more absurd. Rather, it turns arrows at the players.

“We discussed the needs of the players. A serious atmosphere was created internally, with many of the association’s support staff dispatched to the region expressing their intention to return immediately if the medical team leader A, who 

has done nothing wrong, is returned home.” (Football Association)
The Chukhyeop gave off a nuance that the players had ‘gap-jil’. It’s like kicking out “medical team leader A who did nothing wrong”. The description of “creating a serious atmosphere internally” was also added.
The Football Association is repeating lies until the end. In the transcripts obtained during the interview process, ‘Dispatch’ has (such) testimony from an employee of the Livestock Cooperative Federation. Let’s listen to the story of the Livestock Cooperative employee who was at the site at the time.

“The Football Association has to explain what it did wrong. But for an hour, I just made excuses that I couldn’t understand. These are the players who ran after only watching the World Cup… I hated being put in this situation ahead of that important game. If it’s really frustrating, would the OO (duty team) step in and admit the mistake and clean it up?” (Livestock Cooperative employee transcript)
It happened on the night of November 27, 2022 . 

Senior players were summoned several more times by the Livestock Cooperative executive. Meeting, meeting again, that day (28th) the light in room 2701 was turned off at 2 am.  

I’d like to ask the chukhyeop again. What is the nature of the 2701 controversy? Ahn Deok-soo is not a job seeker. It’s not even an unreasonable demand from the players. The core of this situation is the reason for the existence of the livestock cooperative. 
Chukhyup should exist for Korean soccer players. We need to support our players so they can play to their heart’s content. Ahn Deok-soo was asking what the heck the ‘such’ livestock cooperatives were doing in Qatar. 바카라
The Chukhyeop broke the principle first. Because they also took an unlicensed trainer. Then you don’t have to make long excuses anymore. We need to take responsibility for this situation and prepare future measures.
If the National Federation of Livestock Associations existed for the players, they would not have called a meeting the day before the game to cover up their mistakes. If the players are aware of the absurdity, it is common sense to come up with countermeasures. 
On February 1st, Chairman Chung Mong-kyu will attend the AFC General Assembly. I plan to run for the FIFA Council Member Election and aim for re-entry into the executive branch. Isn’t it first to identify the problem of livestock cooperatives and explore the essence?

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