Catcher Yang Eui-ji, who returned to his home team Doosan after four years, expressed his determination to join the WBC in March at the initiation ceremony.

Yang Eui-ji brought his young daughter to the initiation ceremony in an unusual way and showed a proud father. 메이저사이트

[Yang Eui-ji/Doosan catcher: Since our first child entered school, he knew a lot when he was an elementary school student. I think it’s the most meaningful because I can show you my dad’s cool side, a side that I can be proud of… .]

Yang Eui-ji announced that he is focusing on the WBC, which will be held prior to the season opening, and is determined to wash away the humiliation of being the best hitter in Korea, but hitting only 1 home run with a career batting average of 10.6 and 9 in international competitions.

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