Scott Rolen (48), who played an active role as a luxury third baseman in the major leagues of American professional baseball, was selected as an inductee to the Hall of Fame this year.

The Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) released the results of the vote on the 25th (Korean time) to elect inductees into the Hall of Fame. Rolen was the only one of the 28 candidates on the ballot this year with 76.3% (297 votes), exceeding the entry threshold 슬롯사이트 to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Rolen, who retired from active duty at the end of 2012, qualified for his first challenge in 2018, five years after his retirement, but received only 10.2% of the vote. Rolen has increased his vote rate every year since then, and last year he recorded 63.2% of the votes, the highest among the dropouts. And after his 6th challenge this year, he was finally named to the Hall of Fame. Rolen is the 18th third baseman ever to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Rolen, who made his big league debut with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1996, played 17 years for four teams: St. Louis Cardinals (2002-2007), Toronto Blue Jays (2008-2009), and Cincinnati Reds (2009-2012). He was named National League Rookie of the Year by unanimous vote in 1997, and was an eight-time Gold Glove and seven-time All-Star. His career average was 0.281 with 316 home runs, 1287 RBIs and 2077 hits.

Rolen will attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony held in Cooperstown, New York, USA in July this year along with Fred McGriff, who hit 493 home runs in the big league career. McGriff fell out of the BBWAA vote, but was unanimously selected in the Major League Baseball Era Committee vote last month.

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