This season’s professional basketball match between Changwon LG and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis is even more interesting as it is a head-to-head battle.
Hyundai Mobis manager Cho Dong-hyun, who lost two consecutive games to his older brother Sang-hyun LG in the twin derby, smiled brightly as he won two consecutive victories.

Hyundai Mobis defeated LG 82-75 thanks to the performance of Gage Prim (24 points and 10 rebounds) in the 2022-23 professional basketball regular league home game held at Dongchun Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 24th. Hyundai Mobis, who had three consecutive victories, climbed to the heights of 20 wins (14 losses) for the third time in the season and became the sole third place. In addition, it stopped 2nd place LG (20-13) from 5 consecutive wins, narrowing the gap to half a game. The gap between LG and Anyang KGC (23-10) widened to 3 games.

In the semi-finals of the cup competition held before the regular season, his younger coach Dong-Hyun Cho won, but in the first and second rounds of the regular season, the main game, coach Jo Sang-Hyun took the victory. However, after his brother won his first victory in the 3rd round match on the 1st day of the New Year, he laughed again and again in the 4th round matchup on the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday. 먹튀검증

In the game, which was a close match, LG was unable to get on the mood as 10 out of 14 total turnovers were concentrated in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, while Hyundai Mobis scored 3 The store exploded like Altoran and went over to the flow of Hyundai Mobis. Entering the 3rd quarter, LG pursued with Jeong Hee-jae (12 points) and Lee Jae-do (15 points, 7 assists) as the outer gunners and followed closely with 55-57 with 4 minutes left in the quarter. However, Hyundai Mobis ran away by winning 12 points, starting with Lee Woo-seok’s 3 points. Hyundai Mobis secured the victory by 1 minute and 51 seconds before the end of the game, when LG narrowed the gap to 6 points, followed by Prim’s bottom-of-the-goal shot, and Seo Myung-jin’s 3-pointer through the rim.

For LG, Dante Cunningham scored 16 points and Asem Marey scored 13 points, but it was regrettable that they were beaten by one Prim in the rebound battle with a total of 8 points.

In the Jeonju game, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation defeated the home team, Jeonju KCC, 72-67. Lee Dae-sung took the lead in the victory by scoring 23 points, including three 3-pointers. Daegu Gas Corporation (13-19), which ended its 3-game losing streak, stayed in 9th place with a slight difference in win rate over 8th place Wonju DB (14-20). However, it narrowed the gap between 7th place Suwon kt (14-19) and 6th place KCC (16-18), who suffered three consecutive losses, to half a game and two games, respectively.

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