Former ice short track national team Victro Ahn (38, Ahn Hyun-soo) explained the controversy over receiving a lump sum pension for Olympic medals before naturalizing in Russia. It is true that he received it, and the point is that he donated in full.

On the 7th, Viktor Ahn posted his long statement on his social media.

Previously, the Korea Skating Instructors Federation opposed Ahn Hyeon-soo, who applied for open recruitment of ice team coaches at Seongnam City Hall, Gyeonggi-do, and said, “When I abandoned my Korean nationality and naturalized as a Russian, I explained that I thought ‘dual citizenship would be possible’, but I received a lump sum pension right before naturalization. The fact was revealed later. He was accused of pretending not to know.”

What Victor Ahn refuted about this.

He said, “The reason I couldn’t answer your questions was because the recruitment process was in progress, so I had no choice but to remain silent to speak after the announcement, judging that it could cause misunderstandings.” told about 메이저놀이터

He said, “I left for Russia in June 2011, and when the president of the Russian Skating Federation proposed naturalization, he told me the case of Tatiana Boldolina, a Russian-Australian dual citizen in the Russian team, so I knew that dual nationality was possible and found out. said.

“However, I found out that I did not fall under the ‘special case’ like that athlete, and decided to naturalize in July and returned the lump sum I received, so I paid the full amount to children who needed heart surgery and junior athletes who needed rehabilitation and treatment. I made a donation,” he said.

Victor Ahn said, “However, as the Russian side reported that the naturalization process was going on in August, the Korean side received the pension first in July and then it was misrepresented as if they decided to naturalize in August.” Everything was decided and proceeded according to the procedure,” he emphasized.

He said, “Due to my personality, it is difficult to voice my voice, and as a result, the untrue parts were reflected as facts.” ”he added.

Meanwhile, Viktor Ahn was eliminated in the middle because he was not a candidate for the final double. Seongnam City Hall decided to proceed with the recruitment process again later, saying, “There is no suitable person,” and no one was selected as the controversy grew, such as Choi Min-jung and other players in the company’s recruitment statements.

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