Kim Yeon-kyung of Heungkuk Life Insurance, a professional volleyball team acting as an acting manager, did not hide her desire to rise to the top of the league.

Kim Yeon-kyung is determined to deliver the news of victory in the remaining games by driving the momentum that defeated her team rival Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


Volleyball Empress Kim Yeon-kyung is raising the fever for women’s volleyball even more.

Heungkuk Life Insurance is running second in the league by eliminating the difference in points with league leader Hyundai E&C thanks to Kim Yeon-kyung’s performance. 토토사이트

Entering the 5th round, Kim Yeon-kyung is doing well with Yelena by changing the team’s attack.

<Kim Yeon-kyung / Heungkuk Life Insurance> “I think the balance was a little off in an aggressive way, as Yelena went to the back when I was in the front line, and Yelena went to the back when I was in the front line.”

Considering the situation a month ago, when former manager Kwon Soon-chan was sacked in the aftermath of the involvement of high-ranking players in the club, this is an amazing result.

Despite the bad news of the acting manager system, Kim Yeon-kyung is fixing the team atmosphere by shouting ‘It’s okay’ in the stadium with the senior players.

<Kim Yeon-kyung / Heungkuk Life Insurance> “I talk about it (to my juniors), but there is another senior player on our team, Hae-ran Kim. Because of Hae-ran Kim, Hae-ran is leading the team well, and I am following suit…”

Kim Yeon-kyung, who decorated the game against Hyundai E&C, which was important enough to be called ‘six points’ with a shutout victory, is determined not to miss this trend.

<Kim Yeon-kyung / Heungkuk Life Insurance> “(Hyundai Engineering & Construction) thought it was such a game that could cover the lead in the regular league…I think we did it with energy, but anyway, I hope the rest of the games will show a game with that kind of energy.”

Attention is focused on whether Kim Yeon-kyung will be able to write a drama that will put Heungkuk Life Insurance, which stayed in 6th place in the league last year, to the top.

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