Korea’s representative long hitters gathered together and held an ‘eagle showdown’ in the white tee. ‘Korean Hulk’ Chan-Min Jeong took the lead with an eagle with an exciting long hit.

In the Hong In-kyu Golf TV uploaded on the 4th, Korea’s representative long hitters such as ‘Korean Hulk’ Chan-min Jeong, ‘Original Long Hit King’ Kim Hong-taek, and ‘Rookie Long Hit King’ Choi Seung-bin appeared in an eagle showdown. On this day, all the players gathered at Espark CC in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, played the game from the white tee, and the birdie received 1 point, the eagle 5 points, and the albatross 10 points. Below par received 0 points. At the end of the game, a prize of 1 million won was also given to the person with the highest combined score. 토토사이트

Kim Hong-taek, who started as the first runner, took the lead by recording a distance of 270m from the tee shot on hole 1 (par 4). Afterwards, on the third shot, he succeeded in making a 60m birdie putt and scored 1 point. On the other hand, Jeong Chan-min and Choi Seung-bin struggled by writing down their OB side by side from the tee shot. Both players recorded par and did not score points.

In the 2nd hole (par 5), Jeong Chan-min made a big hit. After a cool tee shot, he took a second shot from 189m and landed the ball on the green. After slightly rolling the third shot in a straight line, he scored an eagle and scored 5 points. Seungbin Choi made a birdie and got 1 point. Kim Hong-taek did not score a point.

In the 3rd hole (par 3), Choi Seung-bin scored alone. A tee shot with a 9-iron stuck close to the pin and flowed from the start. As it was, the second shot fell alone and recorded a birdie, closely chasing Jung Chan-min.

In the 5th hole (par 4), two players except Kim Hong-taek recorded birdies. Jeong Chan-min and Choi Seung-bin hit their second shots from 32m and 35m, respectively, and succeeded in getting the ball within 2m of the pin. Both players landed their third shots straight into the hole and scored one point. In the 6th hole (par 3), all three players failed to score.

Jung Chan-min was the only player to score an eagle in the first half of the day. As a result of the interim total, Jeong Chan-min leads with 6 points, Choi Seung-bin is in second place with 3 points, and Kim Hong-taek is running in 3rd place with 1 point.

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