LG Twins Moon Seong-joo tried to fix his batting form, but was scolded by the manager and hitting coach. Moon Sung-joo clearly established his thoughts in a situation where he was confused and worried about his hitting direction.

Moon Seong-joo had a lot of worries about his batting form after last season. He modified his batting form to increase his long hits. The fast and short swings got bigger. After hitting, the follow-up soared into the sky like a home run hitter.

Moon Seong-joo recorded a batting average of 30.3 (99 hits in 327 at-bats) last year. He hit 6 home runs, 3 triples and 15 doubles. He competed for the over-the-counter batting title with a high batting average of .35 until August, but ended the season with a sharp drop to a batting average of .100 during the month of September.

Moon Seong-ju, whom we met at spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, said, “After the season, I thought a little more about long hits. However, since he is small, he honestly thought that no matter how much weight he put on, he couldn’t do anything. I don’t know if it will work (towards the long hit), so if I try and my grades are worse than last year, it will be a failure.” In a situation where he was confused, he was just sorted out,” he said.

On the 6th (Korean time), Seong-Joo Moon took a special batting lesson under the intensive guidance of hitting coaches Ho-Jun Lee and Chang-Min Mo. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop also watched from the side and gave various advice.  바카라사이트

Coach Yeom said, “There is no player who has succeeded by increasing home runs after hitting 30%. If he’s broken, he’s broken. Are there any people who say they will hit a lot of home runs next year, or who increased their home runs after doing a lot of weight in the winter? Few. He said his grades all went down.” He mentioned a couple of failed players. Moon Seong-ju, who recorded a batting average of 30% last year, also stopped him from going down the same wrong path. 

According to coach Yeom’s batting theory, it is a wrong idea. Director Yeom said, “I think that if I increase my strength, I can become something, but it is absolutely not. Baseball is a point fight. If you want to hit a long hit, you just have to move the hitting point forward. However, as the points go forward, long hits will come out a lot, but the average (batting average) will drop. He has to make quick decisions, so he makes a lot of miss swings on breaking pitches.”   

Manager Yeom told Moon Seong-ju, “I don’t carelessly touch my hitting mechanic. Timing and mechanics are not to be touched.” Moon Sung-joo already has a good mechanic and batting form.

Looking at Moon Seong-joo’s batting form, he said, “It’s pretty. He is like Yelich,” he praised. The batting form of big leaguer Christian Yelich in his heyday accurately shows Yeom’s batting theory. Manager Yeom keeps a video of Yelich’s batting on his cell phone.

Manager Yeom cautioned Moon Seong-joo, saying, “In the at-bat, you have to fight the pitcher’s ball distribution and timing, but when the hitters are sluggish, you only care about your own batting form.”

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