Reporter Kim Do-yong = ‘Yuna Kids’, who wrote the history of Korean figure skating at the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Four Continents Championships, will challenge another record at the World Championships this time.

In the women’s singles at the Four Continents Championships, which ended on the 11th, Korea’s Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School) and Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University) won the championship and runner-up, respectively.

In particular, Lee Hae-in said that although she slowed down to 6th in the short program, she performed a perfect performance in the free skating and wrote a thrilling come-from-behind drama. With this, Lee Hae-in became the second Korean player to reach the top of the women’s singles championship at the Four Continents Championships in 14 years after Kim Yu-na, the “Empress of Figure Skating” in 2009.

Kim Ye-rim, who came first in the short program, unfortunately finished second, but she succeeded in winning her second medal in a row following her bronze medal last year.

Lee Hae-in and Kim Ye-rim, who successfully completed the Four Continents Championships, will take on the challenge of following their idol, Kim Yu-na, at the World Championships.

Yuna Kim is the only Korean figure skater ever to win a medal at the World Championships. Yuna Kim won a bronze medal in 2007, and the following year she won a bronze medal once again.

Yuna Kim, who won her first ever gold medal at the World Championships in 2009, she won silver medals in 2010 and 2011. And she won the gold medal again at the 2013 She World Championships in London. The two gold medals, two silver medals, and two bronze medals that Korean figure skating has won at the world championships are all achievements of Kim Yu-na.

If ‘Yuna Kids’ win a medal at this year’s World Championships, it will be the first time in 10 years since Kim Yuna.

Of course, this is not an easy challenge. First of all, the world championships have to compete with European players as well as players from Japan and the Americas. Luna Hendricks (Belgium), No. 1 in the ISU rankings in the 2022-23 season, is also expected to compete in the World Championships.

In addition, fierce competition is expected as other strong players such as Beijing Winter Olympics bronze medalist Kaori Sakamoto (Japan), who took a break from the Four Continents Championships, and Mihara Mai (Japan), gold medalist at the 2022 ISU Grand Prix Final, are preparing to compete.

It is a difficult challenge, but looking at the recent match between Lee Hae-in and Kim Ye-rim, winning a medal is not entirely impossible. 카지노사이트

Lee Hae-in made a successful rebound by changing the composition of her jumps after failing to compete in the ISU Grand Prix series this season. After changing the composition of the jump, Lee Hae-in marked the 3rd place in both the President’s Cup National Ranking Competition and the Overall Championships, then rose to the top at the Four Continents Championships. Lee Hae-in also said that the change during the season was helpful, saying, “I gained confidence as the number of mistakes decreased due to the change in jump composition.”

In addition, after listening to Yuna Kim’s advice, she improved the perfection of her acting by supplementing fine details such as adjusting the intensity of her power and handling her gaze.

Kim Ye-rim continues to grow based on the experience of last year’s Beijing Olympics. Kim Ye-rim won one gold medal and one silver medal in the two ISU Grand Prix events she participated in this season. She is the only Korean athlete to compete in the ISU Grand Prix Final.

In addition, Kim Ye-rim gritted his teeth because of his disappointment at the Four Continents Championships.

Kim Ye-rim said, “I have a desire to do better at the World Championships because I have regrets at the Four Continents Championships.”

The World Championships, which concludes the 2022-23 season figure skating, will be held in Saitama, Japan from March 20 to 26.

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